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Windows Hello is a more personal, more secure way to get instant access to your Windows 10 devices using fingerprint or facial recognition. Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and most PCs with fingerprint readers are ready to use Windows Hello now, and more devices that can recognise your face and fingerprint will be available in the future. Here’s how to set it up:
– Go to the Start menu and select Settings.
– Go to Accounts > Sign-in options .
– Under Windows Hello, select Set up. (If you don’t see a sign-in option for Windows Hello, then your device doesn’t support it.)

Windows Hello is a more personal way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with just a look or a touch. You’ll get enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password.
How does Windows Hello keep my info private?
Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and most PCs with fingerprint readers are ready to use Windows Hello now, and more devices that can recognize your face and iris are coming soon.
Select the Start Start icon button, then select Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to set up Windows Hello. Under Windows Hello , you’ll see options for face, fingerprint, or iris if your PC has a fingerprint reader or a camera that supports it. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to sign in with a quick swipe or glance. You might be asked to add a PIN before you can set up Windows Hello.

Does any of the data Windows Hello collects ever leave my device, and if so, how is it transmitted?

Your identification data—the representation of your face, iris, or fingerprint that’s created when you enroll—never leaves your device. To help us keep things working properly, to help detect and prevent fraud, and to continue to make improvements, Microsoft collects usage data such as which method you used to sign in (face, iris, fingerprint, or PIN), the number of times you signed in, and whether or not each sign in was successful. This data is stripped of any information that could be used to specifically identify you, and it’s encrypted before it’s transmitted to Microsoft.

Can you recreate my face, iris, or fingerprint from the data that Windows Hello collects?

No. The identification data collected to sign you in isn’t an actual image. It’s a representation based on the unique qualities of your face, fingerprint, or iris (more like a graph than an image). This data can’t be used to recreate an image of your face, fingerprint, or iris.

Can I delete my Windows Hello identification data?

Yes. You can delete identification data in Settings. If you have enrolled more than once (for example, with and without glasses), deleting your identification data deletes every enrollment.

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