advanced input methods for east asian languages

Advanced input methods for East Asian languages

Add a word to the Japanese dictionary

Your IME can find more candidates when you turn on cloud suggestion, which uses Bing to help predict what you write. To turn it on, right-click the input method indicator and select Properties. Then select Advanced and open the Predictive Input tab. Select the checkbox next to Use cloud suggestion.

To manually add a word to the dictionary, go to Settings and select Time & Language. From here, go to Region & Language and select a language – for example, Japanese (日本語 ). Choose Options. Now add a new word and its meaning, or edit an existing word using the User Dictionary Tool.

Advanced input method options and tools

Use the Microsoft Input method editor (IME) to write in East Asian languages that you’ve installed on your PC.
Right-click the input method indicator to switch input modes, open the IME pad, or open more IME settings. For some languages, you’ll have more options, such as the dictionary tool for Japanese.

advanced input methods for east asian languages
advanced input methods for east asian languages

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