ask cortana in microsoft edge

Awesome duo Cortana and Microsoft EDGE

Like cats and videos, some things are just better together. Only Microsoft Edge has your personal assistant, Cortana , built right in. On pages where she can help, she’ll show up in the address bar with suggestions. Click her message, and she can help you to:
Make plans for dinner out. On restaurant websites, Cortana can point you to hours, directions, contact info, and menus.

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get started with cortana

Get started with Cortana in Windows 10

For using Cortana, your region and language settings have to be aligned. Check the following list of regions where Cortana is available, and the corresponding language for each of those regions. Cortana is your digital agent. She’ll help you get things done in Windows 10. Check out this video, then open Cortana from the search box in the lower-left corner of your PC.

get started with cortana
get started with cortana

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get help with file explorer in windows 10

OneDrive is now part of File Explorer. For a quick primer on how it works in Windows 10, check out OneDrive on your PC.
When File Explorer opens, you’ll land in Quick access. Your frequently used folders and recently used files are listed there, so you won’t have to dig through a series of folders to find them. You can also pin your favorite folders to Quick access to keep them close at hand. For more info, see Pin, remove, and customize in Quick access.

get help with file explorer in windows 10
get help with file explorer in windows 10

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why isn’t cortana in my region or language?

Why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 pc

Cortana is available in these regions for these languages:
Australia: English
Canada: English
China: Chinese (Simplified)
France: French
Germany: German
India: English
Italy: Italian
Japan: Japanese
Spain: Spanish
United Kingdom: English
United States: English

If you want to activate Cortana, please refer to the below steps and check if it helps:

Cortana is now available in the aforementioned regions. However, users are required to make some changes in the settings to be able to get the voice assistant. Here are the changes you need to make:
1. Change the language settings (Settings > Language) to any of the different English version — English India / Australia / Canada — in accordance with the place you’re based in.

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