get help with file explorer in windows 10

OneDrive is now part of File Explorer. For a quick primer on how it works in Windows 10, check out OneDrive on your PC.
When File Explorer opens, you’ll land in Quick access. Your frequently used folders and recently used files are listed there, so you won’t have to dig through a series of folders to find them. You can also pin your favorite folders to Quick access to keep them close at hand. For more info, see Pin, remove, and customize in Quick access.

get help with file explorer in windows 10
get help with file explorer in windows 10

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how to create a strong password

Create a strong password

A password might meet all the criteria above and still be a weak password. For example, Hello2U! meets all the criteria for a strong password listed above, but is still weak because it contains a complete word. H3ll0 2 U! is a stronger alternative because it replaces some of the letters in the complete word with numbers and also includes spaces.

Help yourself remember your strong password by following these tips:

  • Create an acronym from an easy-to-remember piece of information. For example, pick a phrase that is meaningful to you, such as My son’s birthday is 12 December, 2004. Using that phrase as your guide, you might use Msbi12/Dec,4 for your password.

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how does enhance work in the photos app?

How does Enhance work in the Photos app?

How it works

The Photos app shows the photos and videos in the Pictures library on your PC and on OneDrive. The Pictures library is primarily your Pictures folder, but can also include external drives, shared network folders, and other folders on your PC.
– To see files on OneDrive
– Open the Photos app.
Tap or click Pictures library in the upper-left corner, and then tap or click OneDrive.

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how to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc

Use Remote Desktop on your Windows, Android or iOS device to connect to a PC remotely:
Firstly, set up the remote PC, it will allow remote connections. See How do I connect to another PC with Remote Desktop Connection?
On the remote PC, open Settings and go to System > About. Note the PC name. You’ll need this later.
Next, in Settings, go to System > Power & sleep and check to make sure Sleep is set to Never.
Enter the full name of the remote PC into Remote Desktop Connection on your local PC. For detailed steps, see Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection.

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how do i sync my settings in windows 10?

About sync settings on Windows 10 devices

Windows keeps track of the settings that you care about when sync is turned on and sets them for you on all your Windows 10 devices.
Also you can choose to sync web browser settings, passwords and colour themes.
If you turn on Other Windows settings, Windows syncs some device settings (for things like printers and mouse options), File Explorer settings and notification preferences.

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fix connections to bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10 mobile

Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays

Bluetooth audio

If tapping the Connect button in Action Centre doesn’t find your Bluetooth-enabled audio device, try this:
Make sure that your Windows device supports Bluetooth and that it’s turned on. You’ll see a Bluetooth button in Action Centre.

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what apps work with continuum for phones

Apps that work with Continuum for phones

A variety of apps already work with Continuum – including Microsoft Edge, Word, Excel, USA Today, Audible, Photos and Mail – and more apps will work soon. In the meantime, you can use your phone to open apps that don’t work with Continuum yet.

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how do i know whether to trust a website on microsoft edge

How do I know whether to trust a website in Microsoft Edge?

If you see a lock button next to a website’s address in Microsoft Edge, it means:
– What you send and receive from the website is encrypted, which makes it difficult for anyone else to get this information.
– The website is verified, which means that the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it. Click the lock button to see who owns the site and who verified it.

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windows hello in windows 10

Windows Hello is a more personal, more secure way to get instant access to your Windows 10 devices using fingerprint or facial recognition. Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and most PCs with fingerprint readers are ready to use Windows Hello now, and more devices that can recognise your face and fingerprint will be available in the future. Here’s how to set it up:
– Go to the Start menu and select Settings.
– Go to Accounts > Sign-in options .
– Under Windows Hello, select Set up. (If you don’t see a sign-in option for Windows Hello, then your device doesn’t support it.)

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